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And far from dead, I would say. I can definitely sense some myths under construction in the WoT enthusiast community. Of course, they 8767 re being sold as objective reality, but then all ideologies do that.

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That would probably be the drugs you appear to have eschewed, unfortunately. The Maya seem to have had some pretty hardcore practices, but it sounds like they might interfere with the modern workweek a little.

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Ah, right, adrian65 found the David Ramsay Steele article on Fascism. It 8767 s pretty good actually it 8767 s probably the best single exposition I 8767 ve seen on that topic. And yes, the stuff on Sorelian irrationalism is dead on.

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OK, I 8767 m more or less on board for the connection between Islamism and Spanish fascism, but that was the stay-at-home runt of the litter, not exactly what the Greatest Generation bestirred itself to vanquish. Very little export orientation. Japanese so-called fascism is a bit of a stretch it had evolved very much in its own sphere, and although there were parallels (and plenty of imported ideas from Germany and Italy) I 8767 d be kind of surprised if our non-shaving friends turned out to have been studying the sayings of Admiral Tojo in great detail.

That isn 8767 t to say that modern US history is unblemished. There 8767 s plenty of dirty laundry there for somebody to haul out, especially in relation to South America or to what we allowed to happen in order to prevent the spread of Communism. It is to say that it 8767 s apparent the US doesn 8767 t have the same values it had during WWII (not in terms of sticking to a war unless there is a day-to-day roadmap for withdrawal, and definitely not in terms of occupying Japan for decades), and that the meme that Viet Nam taught us all nations must be allowed to go their own way if that 8767 s what they want is a meme (especially when we notice that Viet Nam 8767 s way has led to untold suffering and starvation).

am interested to know why you use the notation CE, and not AD or are you being ironic? I am not defending the latter from a religious point of view, just wondering why you side with the politically correct academics on this one

There are holes in this argument, to be sure, and I 8767 m sure it wasn 8767 t meant entirely seriously. But there 8767 s still some truth in it. I keep watching the news and shouting 8775 For God 8767 s sake, America, if you 8767 re going to try to be an Imperial power, would you please have the courtesy to learn from our mistakes? 8776 I mean, points to you for having the balls to start with Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires, but minus several million for good thinking, yeah?

So what scares me is not the memes in Western society because I think, if history is any guide, we will eventually come to the right, self-preservational conclusions. But rather the dangerous memes of the Islamists that are so hard to identify and differentiate from the benign. As an example, both Islamists and Westists (sorry, lack of better term) legitimately strive for justice and will fight and die for it, but both mean clash-of-culture, fight-to-the-death different things by that word. Western society needs to somehow root that out without becoming facist itself.

Is the meme that 8775 modern economic growth relies on inflation 8776 another example of Gramscian damage? It came up in an argument about currency economics, and I couldn 8767 t help feeling it fits the pattern — everyone 8766 knows 8767 it, but no-one can say where it came from.

The problem with all that is how much this ideology sets back normal gay and non-white folks, making them look bad and creating hostility towards them. The inevitable question is the same as one asks of Muslims about terrorists: where are the voices of moderation. But it's not the business of gays, non-whites and Muslims to police the actions of an immoral criminal element among then any more than it is for whites to answer for the modern KKK or Nazism or Christians and Jews for other Christians and Jews. It is not an easy problem to sort out, and is only one of the reasons hate speech is so dangerous and toxic.

Stand up for Democracy? Yes. But let 8767 s be just a little bit smarter about backing election boycotts in Iran that then lead to Islamofascists in power. And let 8767 s be a little smarter about promoting elections in Palestine when we are not willing to abide by the results. That makes us look like hypocrites and helps no cause.

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