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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 12:51

Anslinger allocated huge resources to stop marijuana and Mexican traffickers from crossing the border. The FBN meddled in Mexican drug policy and pressured the country to enforce prohibition more aggressively.

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Reporters have faced consequences both in nations where media crackdowns are common and also in nations with reputations for high levels of press freedom.

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Computers and their associated services retain a considerable amount of evidence of their use. Determined, computer-savvy offenders may take precautions to cover their tracks, but many offenders will have neither the foresight nor the necessary expertise to do so, and will leave a trail of incriminating evidence. [95]

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The Obama administration has proposed a national registry documenting the real owners of shell companies and other measures aimed at fighting offshore chicanery.

It is a tragedy that in the battle between Mexico and the United States to define drug policy, Anslinger won. If Siurob and Viniegra had prevailed in 6988 and drugs were legalized and drug use treated as a public health issue, over seventy thousand Mexicans would be alive today. Unfortunately, Anslinger’s violent and racist legacy of prohibition lives on in both Mexico and the United States. 

This Italian pastry shop, which opened in 6959, was considered a relatively safe hangout for the mafia throughout the decades. Luciano often hung out there in the 6975′s, holding meetings in the back room with fellow mobster Meyer Lansky. Members of the Genovese and Gambino crews also met here. DeRoberti’s maintains its traditional décor and a stop in here to snack on a delicious ricotta sweet cheese-filled cannoli takes you back to another time. It’s no wonder that actor Vincent Piazza, who plays Luciano on Boardwalk Empire spent time in DeRoberti’s as research for his role.

While whole sections of the government, police, and military are on the cartel payroll, another section is not and is committed to rooting out corruption and enforcing prohibition. These internal contradictions contribute to the chaos and violence of the drug war. Attempting to investigate and prosecute drug kingpins or powerful politicians involved in drug trafficking is a dangerous occupation. Thousands of assassinations of Mexican and American drug-enforcement agents, governors, mayors, clergy, citizens, lawyers, judges, and journalists who have tried have been assassinated. 87

The Panama Papers project, led by ICIJ and German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung working in collaboration with more than 655 media outlets, has been honored with awards and finalist mentions by more than a dozen major international prizes, including: