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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 03:15

Thursday on the NewsHour, as flood waters recede in Houston, rescue crews go door-to-door and a chemical plant explosion fuels fears of challenges ahead. Also: Texans begin the long road to recovery, how robots are reshaping the . economy, a girl 8767 s quest for a mother figure in county prison and making scientific tools more accessible. Continue reading

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Harvey dumped 79 inches of rain in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area Tuesday, making it among the areas hardest hit by the storm. Continue reading

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans 67 years ago this week, and lessons from past disasters will be needed to overcome the fallout of Hurricane Harvey. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu joins Miles O’Brien to discuss how federal and state governments can work together to help communities bounce back.
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Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins joins Miles O’Brien to discuss the impact of Tropical Storm Harvey on his district and the challenge of coordinating rescue efforts to support those impacted by flooding.
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The outpouring of help in Houston has been enormous, including from a group of restaurateurs and chefs who got together to supply food for hurricane victims and first responders. Miles O’Brien learns more from Tomeka Weatherspoon of Houston Public Media. Continue reading

Work colleges, where students get paid or gain credit toward tuition, are drawing renewed interest, thanks to rising student debt, skepticism about the financial payoff of a liberal arts education and employer complaints that graduates aren’t prepared for jobs. Continue reading

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Houston is facing catastrophic housing loss and the dangers of damaged chemical plants. As the waters begin to recede, rescue crews are going door-to-door, hoping they won 8767 t discover more bodies, while evacuees began to return home to assess what 8767 s left. William Brangham joins Miles O’Brien from Houston to discuss what he’s seen. Continue reading

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