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Except that I wasn 8767 t talking about Adrian65, I was writing about his comments, as is clear from 8775 Few people confuse writing about someone’s comments with writing to that person. 8776 , a sentence that he somehow didn 8767 t manage to quote.

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Americans have never really understood ideological warfare. Our gut-level assumption is that everybody in the world really wants the same comfortable material success we have. We use 8775 extremist 8776 as a negative epithet. Even the few fanatics and revolutionary idealists we have, whatever their political flavor, expect everybody else to behave like a bourgeois.

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That 8767 s like saying Western atheists are hypocrites to use 8775 goodbye 8776 as it was originally 8775 God be with you 8776 . 8775 Inshallah 8776 , 8775 If (it 8767 s) possible 8776 , whatever this stuff is ephemeral. And it 8767 s hardly surprising that they 8767 re closer to Islam than we are to Christian belief the Enlightenment was a long time ago. It 8767 s a little soon to be writing the Muslim 8775 Dover Beach 8776 .

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There is not a universal policy on this and colleges have not always clarified things. Some essay-requiring colleges the University of California system is a prominent example do not accept test dates that do not include the essay. Superscoring institutions are more likely to mix-and-match as long as a student has taken the essay. As much as I hate recommending additional testing, retaking the essay in December ensures the most flexibility. It 8767 s unlikely that a lower essay score would hurt you, whereas it would defeat the purpose of your December testing if you can 8767 t use your EBRW and Math scores.

As for 8775 they are pissed off about the Crusades 8776 , well, hell, WHY WOULDN 8767 T THEY BE? If Muslim armies landed in the US and started killing and looting, there would be nuclear missiles and emotionally-retarded invective launched in a New York second.

Are you *still* patting yourself on the back for that? You quoted the thing about fraud from Eric 8767 s site, which I hadn 8767 t seen before, or hadn 8767 t really looked at. So I asked about it, specifically about meeting fraud with fraud, as I didn 8767 t know what that implied. OK, I asked kind of snidely, and you were quite entitled to be snide back but having answered my question (for which props and thanks) you then got yourself involved in some absurd victory dance. I mean, get a sense of *proportion*. It was just a spontaneous fucking question.

I 8767 m shaping myself on my application as a writing student. I 8767 m Editor-in-Chief of two publications at my school and have won a few prestigious writing competitions. I got a 6585 on my SAT, but a 6/5/6 on my essays. I want to go to UPenn and am wondering if I should retake the SAT to bump my essay score. I don 8767 t know if my good writing extracurriculars will outweigh my poor essay score or if my poor essay score will delegitimize by good writing extracurriculars. What should I do?

Well then a fundamental question, if you hold that such memes adhere to Dawkin 8767 s imperatives, is : what perceived utility do they convey to their hosts? A successful meme will putatively demonstrate a high degree of fidelity in replication, an optimized rate of replication, and 8766 longevity 8767 . The utility criteria, as I understand it, entails a subjective belief in the benefit of retaining and transmitting the meme ( longevity & replication ) that it is perceived as useful towards some goal(s) esteemed by the host.

No it wouldn 8767 t. The firebombing of Tokyo was as bad, and most people have already forgotten it. Even the nukes on Japan will be forgotten the moment nukes are used in any other war.

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