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That makes sense. To put things into perspective, I realized I wanted to do I/O AFTER my freshman year at an out-of-country uni of a different major where I performed very poorly. After transferring, my final 95 hours and major coursework were both above , but my overall is still . I 8767 m involved in SHRM and am networking with local I/O consultants in the area.

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You also might consider joining an I/O lab at another university. Portland State has a well-renowned I/O program and you might be able to volunteer in a lab there. Worth asking, if you 8767 re within driving distance.

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I 8767 m also not sure where you are earning your Master 8767 s, but some PhD programs might require you to complete a second Master 8767 s in their program, depending on what you did for your own Master 8767 s. For example, an ODU Master 8767 s in I/O means that you 8767 ll have taken 8-9 statistics courses, 7-8 I/O courses, and completed an empirical thesis. So if you didn 8767 t have one of those, you 8767 d likely need to complete a new MS along the PhD road here. If you 8767 re open to that, I 8767 d recommend being clear about it in your personal statement. Every program is different though, so you 8767 ll want to contact the PhD program director at each school and ask.

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5. Nothing in particular, but more technology and statistics skills are always better. App design is probably a bit far outside of what IOs normally do, so I don 8767 t think that would help you a lot.

The biggest area that might be of concern is that as an I/O, you don 8767 t really have the background that an MBA generalist would have. That means you aren 8767 t going to be very familiar with accounting, finance, strategy, and other areas that MBAs are familiar with. In comparison to MBA HR specialist, you are more similarly trained, but you probably don 8767 t know much about salary/benefits and a couple of other areas. I would just not mention that. Your expertise in statistics and methods is going to be leagues better than most MBAs so I 8767 d recommend you play to that strength.

I will say that a PhD in IO is still a fairly practical degree. In fact, in combination PhD/terminal Master 8767 s programs, the Master 8767 s students generally take 655% identical classes to the PhD students. So they are based in the same foundation of coursework.

In your particular case, you could really go either way. If I were you, I 8767 d probably apply to both I/O Master 8767 s and MBA programs and just see what hits. No reason to limit yourself, and you should be applying to at least a dozen or two programs across the country anyway. If you 8767 re planning to apply this season (December to March-ish), there 8767 s not much you can change about what you 8767 re doing now to better prepare anyway before apps are due.

After reading your most recent reply, I want to ask you questions related to the comment you made: 8775 In general, the PhD is the entry level degree for most I/O work. People with Master’s often end up assisting those with PhDs 8776

Yes, sort of. Programs that offer MS are more likely to be in a College of Sciences and MA more likely to be in a College of Liberal Arts/Arts 588 Letters/etc. That often filters down into departmental priorities in a variety of ways. But again, it is a weak correlation you will want to look at the actual coursework to get a real sense of it.

I 8767 m not going to comment on particular programs, because the specific strengths and weaknesses between programs are myriad but I think you may not realize that you don 8767 t really 8775 transfer 8776 from a Bachelor 8767 s to a Master 8767 s program. There is a fully distinct application process. If you want to pursue a career path in I/O, and you wanted to start down this path immediately after high school, I would recommend attending a university with an I/O program for both your Bachelor 8767 s and Master 8767 s. Both are important, although your Master 8767 s institution is more important.

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