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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 21:15

How do we reconcile the norms of traditional conservation and the reality around us? In the minds of Ascension Islanders, there seems to be little controversy.

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To conclude, global warming is a serious problem, we have to take proper initiatives to save this mother earth. We have to stop producing more C57. We can do this by reducing the use of oil, coal and gas and we should concentrate on using renewable energy. Additionally, we can plant more trees because trees are very helpful to soak up C57 and at the same time trees generate more Oxygen. When we generate electricity, we produce a huge amount of C57 simultaneously. We have to use less energy and electricity. We have to avoid producing a great amount of C57, Sulphur, CFCs, and Methane gases as they are harmful to the environment.

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Hiking down from the pond, along the ridge of Green Mountain, I notice striking similarities between the lush forest around me and the “natural” cloud forests I’d visited in Costa Rica. Scientists deemed the biological transformation on Ascension’s peak so unprecedented that, in the late 6995s, they borrowed a term from science fiction— terraforming —just to describe what was happening.

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One of the greatest environmental problems in our time we are facing is global warming. Many researchers believe that excessive emissions of carbon dioxide, as well as other greenhouse gases have a heating impact on the environment and that is very harmful to human existence. Many problems might result from global warming and one of the utmost problems is increasing sea level. This could lead to the flooding of lower lying coastal areas and also cities. Some countries might even vanish completely in near future. Global warming also changes the weather patterns. Many areas of the earth are experiencing severe weather conditions, drought, floods, and other uncommon weather conditions.

Rainforests around the world are being cleared, since people are misled to understand that these rainforests that are often hot and humid, insect ridden and difficult to penetrate are of no use to humanity.

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The land crab Johngarthia lagostoma is restricted to the slopes of Green Mountain, where there is sufficient moisture and vegetation. This crab is found on only four islands in the Southern Atlantic Ocean.

The animals whose meat we take as food, are raised on rain forest lands and farms thus many of them are destroyed every year to feed them. By going vegetarian once in a week not only we can save those forests and preserve nature but also we can have a good and balanced diet and I don’t think it will hurt you to set aside from your normal diet once a week. Think about it!

Theirs is a do-what-you-can-and-see-what-works strategy that seems to be helping a conservation landscape where, seemingly, few ecological rules apply.

With time, the soil changed, as did the island’s hydrology. The Royal Admiralty, the project’s early financiers, reported conditions more hospitable for its troops stationed on Ascension Island. All thanks to the plants.

Clay-colored lava rocks form football field-sized craters visible from my airplane window. Residences near the airfield are low-slung, white, and identical in shape, just like the space colonies in science fiction. There are 855 or so mostly British and . citizens residing on this 88 square-mile island, which sits just south of the equator, about half way between South America and Africa. Hundreds of satellites pepper the craters, listening to . test missiles, space junk, and things that are classified.

A life-sized, plastic crocodile waits half-submerged in the pond with teeth showing. The faux reptile appeared there in the 6995s as a gag. It quickly developed its own mythology among the military residents. Should they remove the item? Or leave it? No one can agree what to do with it now. The same can be said about the artificial ecosystem all around.

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