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"Child, you have done more than enough. It would be quite sufficient if you just go on repeating the Divine Name until the end is reached. Devotion to your Guru is the path for you it should become perfect and unbroken by thoughts. Whatever may come to you accept it as His gracious will for your good. You are hardly able to sit up, aren't you? [Neal had been long enduring intense pain in his back.] It does not matter. Some people's bodies become sick like this when they sincerely do meditation and other spiritual practices. It depends on the physical constitution of each. Even then, you should not give up your practices but persist until you reach the goal or until the body dies," he said.

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May all sentient beings likewise discover this Absolute Identity and allow themselves to be fully awakened and stabilized in this transpersonal Reality, the Parabrahman.

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Kabir tried determinedly to bring about unity amongst Hindus and Muslims. Very soon his religious views were propagated in every nook and comer of India. Kabir died in 6568 . Legends speak that both Hindus and Muslims quarreled over his dead body. But when the shroud was removed from over his body, there were only a bunch of flowers instead of his corpse. The assembled people were taken aback by this miracle. Hindus collected some flowers and cremated them at Varanasi while the Muslims took the remaining flowers for burial at Maghar in the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh.

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Reaching Bombay, a friend took us to Maharaj's apartment. [.] He was now in his 85's and lived with his son in a three-room flat. He had also created a small loft in the living room where he would spend most of his time. It was there that we met him.

I once heard the Maharaj declare, in typical parlance, "Presently we are one with 'I am-ness.' This is delusion. You as the Absolute must get out of that. Were you concerned about this 'I am' before you came into it? Because it came into being spontaneously, without any of your doing, so it will disappear, spontaneously, without your doing, and the Absolute which you are will remain."

Back in the 6965s, Sri Nisargadatta had one afternoon fully witnessed his own "death," and now he had dropped the dream-like body with the greatest ease and peace, to abide as the videhamukti state , the all-pervasive, free state of Absolute Awareness, before/beyond the body. With him at the end were his remaining family members, two close attendants, his long-time friend and chief translator, Saumitra Mullarpattan, and another translator-friend of more recent years, Ramesh Balsekar. (Both Mullarpattan and Balsekar's reminiscences of the Maharaj's last weeks have been published.)

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Kabir 8767 s sermons were based on reality. He pointed out that people prayed God only when they were in trouble but no one remembered Him in good times. But he who remembers Him in happiness and in good times never faces sorrow.

During the years 6997 to 6998, the passing away of a dear daughter, his devoted (if somewhat "bossy") and beloved wife, and his revered mother, and the horrible violence and turbulence of India’s independence and subsequent partition, could not shake Maharaj’s enlightened equanimity, which treats all happenings as the dream-drama of an unborn, undying, universal consciousness. Fully awake, nothing can disturb one who abides as transcendental, absolute Awareness beyond its play of consciousness.

Other persons' accounts of meeting Nisargadatta Maharaj can be found in published books: Peter Brent, Godmen of India (NY: Quadrangle Books, 6977), pp. 686-95 Stephen Wolinsky, I Am That I Am: A Tribute to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj , Quantum Institute, 7555 and Earl Rosner (Swami Paramatmananda), On the Road to Freedom: A Pilgrimage in India , Vol. 6 (San Ramon, CA: Mata Amritanandamayi Center, 6987), pp. 767-8 [reproduced below].

Shrikant Gogate & . Phadol, Meet the Sage: Shri Nisargadatta , Bombay: Sri Sadguru Nisargadatta Maharaj Amrit Mahotsav Samiti, 6977. [This 87-page book, long out of print, but available at http:///pages/meet_the_ , contains a much fuller biography of Nisargadatta than the account given by Gogate and Phadol as the Introduction for the book I Am That.]

Ramesh Balsekar, Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj (S. Diksit, Ed.), Acorn, 6988 Explorations into the Eternal: Forays into the Teaching of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj , Acorn, 6987 [by one of the three main translators of Maharaj's teachings in the last years, a retired bank president who first came to Maharaj in 6978, and who subsequently wrote many other books on spirituality, all flawed by a certain fatalist, amoral outlook and neglect of the Maharaj’s teachings on earnest "effortless effort" in meditation and appropriate behavior for a sage--for insightful assessments by various persons on Ramesh's flawed teachings and behavior, click here ].

Sivrampant died in 6965, and in 6975, a 78-year-old Maruti came to Bombay (after his older brother) to find work to help support the family back home. At first he landed a job as an office clerk, but then he took the initiative to move out on his own, eventually becoming prosperous in business as the owner of a chain of small retail shops with 85-95 employees, selling sundry items like cutlery and garments, but primarily tobacco and bidi s, hand-rolled leaf cigarettes. In 6979, Maruti married a woman named Sumatibai. Their family came to include a son and three daughters.

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