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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 14:03

For the same reason you never hear that the 655% death rate among the born is a public health catastrophe among people who think that that born are people.

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What is the possible defence for monstrous constructions of this form, needing different declensions of to be for the same subject? Or do you recommend 8775 they is 8776 ? Chilling in either case.

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I 8767 ve been following #GamerGate reasonably closely. Every single accusation of 8775 cishet white male sockpuppet 8776 (there 8767 s usually 8775 virgin 8776 / 8776 neckbeard 8776 / 8776 manbaby 8776 in there too) has been disproved with pictures, and in the dozens of livestreams they organize with women and minorities in the #notyourshield tag. I bet I missed some real ones, but this pattern has been dominant in my experience.

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And you 8767 re familiar enough with the majority of 8775 Bible belt, evangelical Republican Christians 8776 to be sure they 8767 re all 8775 horribly bigoted 8776 ?

There 8767 s a very boring sense in which, assuming the Emperor 8767 s straight, gays are part of his 8775 outgroup 8776 ie a group that he is not a member of. But if the Emperor has curly hair, are straight-haired people part of his outgroup? If the Emperor 8767 s name starts with the letter 8766 A 8767 , are people whose names start with the letter 8766 B 8767 part of his outgroup?

Easily the best thing on a liberal blog I have read in a long, long time. There is one thing you do not note and I 8767 d love to see it. What about conservatives who work in the professions and come from the East Coast, particularly NY, Philly and Boston. Unlike you or the 8775 Redstaters 8776 they have to spend almost all their time with the other side. We then are the most tolerant of all! (my quotes on 8775 redstaters 8776 is that the color of the Right, is and always has been Blue. The Left is Red. Never heard of Grey before will look to see if it becomes a meme.

It would be easy from a distance to stereotype me as a hater or secret WBC member, as some SJWs on twitter did, but I think that an accurate [*] public record and the testimony of colleagues over the decades demonstrate that’s not who I am. Like a lot of people (mostly Red Tribe, but not exclusively, and not necessarily for the same reasons), I simply do not agree with the Blue Tribe on important axioms or conclusions reached from them. In response to your closing paragraphs, I don’t agree that the “target changes” you list there preserve isomorphism.

Tarrou 8767 s saying that black and white people were able to make common cause because they had a highly salient outgroup to jointly hate, the Commies.

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