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Civil Engineering Scholarships, 2017-2018 Scholarship

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 06:42

If you are studying four subjects per session, this is equivalent to a full-time job. The workload for some subjects may vary as a result of approved course design.

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Join an exceptional community of student engineers who are blazing a new trail in engineering. CSU's Bachelor of Technology/Master of Engineering (Civil Systems) is a qualification unlike any other. Developed in consultation with industry leaders to meet demand for entrepreneurial engineers, this double degree builds engineering expertise over five and a half years.

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Tax deductions: in some instances you may be able to claim a tax deduction for self-education expenses. Please seek independent qualified taxation advice to find out if you qualify.

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Throughout the online component of the course, there will be residential schools offered to meet the learning needs of cadet engineers. Students are responsible for meeting the costs of travel and accommodation to attend residential schools.

Growth in the economy as a whole and the construction industry in particular has brought cheers to youth seeking to make a career in civil engineering. This demand has been further pushed higher with more multinational engineering companies setting up their footprint across India. Further, the rapid increase in population and the steady technological progress made by the country has considerably enhanced the market for civil engineers.

Year 5 Session 7
ENG599 Engineering Capstone Thesis( Multi Session Subject )
ENG585 Performance Planning & Review &ndash Professional Engineer ( Multi Session Subject )
ENG576 Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering ( Multi Session Subject )( Continuing )

CSU has a variety of pathways and admissions requirements for study. Details of the types of 'bonus points' and other ATAR-related adjustments commonly available to applicants are set out in the CSU institutional admissions information and CSU's general admissions policy .

There is huge demand for civil engineers in India and it is also expected to get a boost as the country gets ready to upgrade its infrastructure with growing economic and political clout in the world. The career opens a lot of opportunities in numerous government departments. Civil engineers are employed in all major construction projects carried out by central and state government agencies.

There are equally good opportunities in the private sector for civil engineers. A major opening for qualified civil engineers is also in armed forces where they can make vital contribution to the protection of the country. Last but not the least you can set up your own engineering consultancy.

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