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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 18:51

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Periodically, HLDI provides the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Office of Defects Investigation with insurance fire reports that describe comprehensive noncrash fire losses for passenger vehicles. Noncrash fire losses represent fire damage to vehicles not caused by collision or vandalism. Download the latest report.

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Saved these for the next rainy day (today qualifies!) when my blog ideas dry up. Sometimes it just helps to have someone point me in a new direction and give me a nudge this is that point and nudge!


Wake Island
Wallis and Futuna
Western Kurdistan

Choose from the list of topics below for overviews of key highway safety issues, along with compilations of IIHS and HLDI research, news and legal information on each topic. Or use the tabs to go directly to Q& As , Fatality Facts , laws and regulations , HLDI insurance loss information or the comprehensive IIHS research bibliography.

When you peg off a well-known piece of news, you give your readers a point of instant recognition that makes your blog post accessible. Just a no-brainer strategy.

Yeah the Google Alerts one was good. I do something similar by rounding up a bunch of feeds of my favorite news and science sites. I then save about 65-67 links a week (only my absolute favorites). I often revisit those lists later for really good resources to link to throughout my posts.

Being totally new to blogging my initial intension for a new blog was to push and promote our products and services. Your list has given me new inspiration on sourcing ideas for subject matter that hopefully will make more interesting reading than us beating the drum on what we do and good we are.

I agree, passion is a biggie. I 8767 m to the point now where I 8767 m not interested in writing a post unless it gets my heart beating a little faster. I mean, if your writing doesn 8767 t inspire you, then how is it supposed to inspire anyone else?

Just one idea I came across recently It 8767 s using Google Reader. You mentioned Google Alerts, but Google Reader also works wonders. Overall though, excellent article and bookmarked.

While I understand the brainstorming concept of this list, I don 8767 t understand the basic premise. If you don 8767 t know what to write about and need to use these suggestions for inspiration, then I don 8767 t think you should be blogging. The world doesn 8767 t need anymore general interest blogs that just rehash pop culture or are filled with superficial observations. Everyone knows these types of blogs are only out to generate ad revenue and it shows in the lack of quality. We need passionate people who love to blog about their passion. If you blog from the heart you will never be short of content or ideas and will struggle to find enough time to write them all down.

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