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It appears to have been a usual practice in Athens , on the establishment of any law esteemed very useful or popular, to prohibit for ever its abrogation and repeal. Thus the demagogue, who diverted all the public revenues to the support of shows and spectacles, made it criminal so much as to move for a repeal of this law 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 7 * . Thus Leptines moved for a law, not only

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The ancients talk so frequently of a fixed, stated portion of provisions assigned to each slave 5 originally ' x7576 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 85 x7576 , that we are naturally led to conclude, that slaves lived almost all single, and received that portion as a kind of board-wages.

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All men are sensible of the necessity of justice to maintain peace and order and all men are sensible of the necessity of peace and order for the maintenance of society. Yet, notwithstanding this strong and obvious necessity, such is the frailty or perverseness of our nature! it is impossible to keep men, faithfully and unerringly, in the paths of justice. Some extraordinary circumstances may happen, in which a man finds his interests to be more promoted by fraud or rapine, than hurt by the breach which his injustice makes in the social union. But much more frequently, he is seduced from his great and important, but distant interests, by the allurement of present, though often very frivolous temptations. This great weakness is incurable in human nature.

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I am sorry then, I have pretended to be a philosopher: For I find your questions very perplexing and am in danger, if my answer be too rigid and severe, of passing for a pedant and scholastic if it be too easy and free, of being taken for a preacher of vice and immorality. However, to satisfy you, I

Harry the IVth and Harry the VIIth of England , had really no title to the throne but a parliamentary election yet they never would acknowledge it, lest they should thereby weaken their authority. Strange, if the only real foundation of all authority be consent and promise!

I shall deliver it as a third observation on this subject, That we ought to be more on our guard against the excess of refinement than that of simplicity and that because the former excess is both less beautiful , and more dangerous than the latter.

If the superiority in politeness should be allowed to modern times, the modern notions of gallantry , the natural produce of courts and monarchies, will probably be assigned as the causes of this refinement. No one denies this invention to be modern 5 originally ' x7575 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 68 x7575 : But some of the more zealous partizans of the ancients, have asserted it to be foppish and ridiculous, and a reproach, rather than a credit, to the present age 5 originally ' x7576 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 69 x7576 . It may here be proper to examine this question.

It must, however, be confessed, that, as all these questions of trade and money are extremely complicated, there are certain lights, in which this subject may be placed, so as to represent the advantages of paper-credit and banks to be superior to their disadvantages. That they banish specie and bullion from a state is undoubtedly true and whoever looks no farther than this circumstance does well to condemn them but specie and bullion are not of so great consequence as not to admit of a compensation, and even an overbalance from the encrease of industry and of credit, which may be promoted by the right use of paper-money. It is well known of what advan-

But how far back must we go, in having recourse to ancient constitutions and governments? There was a constitution still more ancient than that to which these innovators affect so much to appeal. During that period there was no magna charta: The barons themselves possessed few regular, stated privileges: And the house of commons probably had not an existence.

It is with good reason, says Sancho to the squire with the great nose, that I pretend to have a judgment in wine: This is a quality hereditary in our family. Two of my kinsmen were once called to give their opinion of a hogshead, which was supposed to be excellent, being old and of a good vintage. One of them tastes it considers it and after mature reflection

I must confess, that this passage contains so many difficulties, that I know not what to make of it. You may observe, that Plutarch assigns, for a cause of the decay of mankind, not the extensive dominion of the Romans , but the former wars and factions of the several states all which were quieted by the Roman arms. Plutarch ’s reasoning, therefore, is directly contrary to the inference, which is drawn from the fact he advances.

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The buffalo was first and foremost of utmost significance to people of the plains and prairies. In a very different way, its crucial standing was underscored by native people generally, after the spread of Plains traits and imagery 656 especially the eagle-feathered bonneted warrior-hunter astride his horse in pursuit of meat and honor 656 ultimately to symbolize the North American Indian. Moreover, no story of wildlife decline in North America is more widely known than the demise of the buffalo. It is one of the most important stories in the environmental history of North America.

How often does disgust and aversion arise after marriage, from the most trivial accidents, or from an incompatibility of humour where time, instead of curing the wounds, proceeding from mutual injuries, festers them every day the more, by new quarrels and reproaches? Let us separate hearts, which were not made to associate together. Each of them may, perhaps, find another for which it is better fitted. At least, nothing can be more cruel than to preserve, by violence, an union, which, at first, was made by mutual love, and is now, in effect, dissolved by mutual hatred.

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