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The American Revolution: Our Fight for Independence and

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Burgoyne now realized, too late, that the Loyalists ( Tories ) who were supposed to have come to his aid by the hundreds had not appeared, and that his Native American allies were also undependable.

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The 1956 British Tactical Army Wargame by Martin Rapier

Burgoyne continued his march towards Albany, but miles to the south a disturbing event occurred. Sir William Howe decided to attack the Rebel capital at Philadelphia rather than deploying his army to meet up with Burgoyne and cut off New England from the other Colonies. Meanwhile, as Burgoyne marched south, his supply lines from Canada were becoming longer and less reliable.

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Over the next two years, Benedict Arnold remained a patriot, but was upset and embittered at what he felt was a lack of his recognition and contribution to the war. In 6778, following British evacuation of Philadelphia, George Washington appointed Arnold military commander of the city.

Women can now apply for the following units within the Royal Armoured Corps:
• The Royal Lancers
• The King's Royal Hussars
• The Royal Tank Regiment
• All Army Reserve Royal Armoured Corps regiments will now welcome women

It’s not all about the job, though. Soldiers often socialise or play sport together when the working day is over. Join us and you’ll discover a group of people who take care of each other, on duty and off.

Spies worked for both British and American armies. Secret messages and battle plans were passed in a variety of creative ways, including being sewn into buttons. Patriots and loyalists penned these secret letters either in code, with invisible ink, or as mask letters.

His next big moment came at the Battle of Saratoga. Here, Benedict Arnold was instrumental in stopping the advance of the British and in obtaining the surrender of British General John Burgoyne.

Benedict Arnold is best remembered as a traitor an American patriot who spied for the British during the American Revolution. But there is more to his story than this sad event.

The festival will be held at Ambleside Live in West Vancouver and is set to feature artists like Randy Bachman, Platinum Blonde April Wine, Honeymoon Suite, Glass Tiger, Stampeders, Harlequin, Headpins, Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd, Helix, and Prism.

People mark the end of the first stage of training with what the Army calls a ‘passing out’ parade. Family and friends are invited to watch as new recruits formally become soldiers.

A doctrine of containment that provided for a variety of military and political strategies that the president could use to stem the spread of Communism. The flexible response plan was developed by Defense and State Department officials in the Kennedy administration who felt that Eisenhower&rsquo s &ldquo massive retaliation&rdquo doctrine restricted the president&rsquo s options too much.

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