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Transitioning: Depending on the child and the kind of educational methodology they are used to it can take 8-6 months, on average, for a student to be completely adjusted to self-teaching for 5 hours a day.

Message from America’s Working Class by Tim Murray

A resident of my city of Pacific Grove recently did a huge service on Facebook by linking to a site that gives pay and pensions for state and local government workers. It's breathtaking.

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To my astonishment, however, the new arrival sauntered over to our table and sat down. He knew the graduate students. It turned out that he was also one of my fellow faculty members?assigned to the "third college." a new division of the university for minority students that still had no name because of an ongoing squabble over which third-world revolutionary to name it after (Lumumba-Zapata being the most recent discard).

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In fact, if the children do not eat sugar, their taste receptors will adapt until they find the natural sweetness of food to be just as pleasurable as do the jaded taste receptors of a sugar addict when eating candy or honey.

Your wife simply needs help. It may be an older son or daughter, a mother or mother-in-law, a hired nanny , a volunteer mother's helper , or a friend. She needs time to recover from giving birth, to rest and get adequate sleep. She needs to eat right - especially while breast-feeding and while pregnant. She needs someone to do the laundry once in a while. Look to local homeschool groups, family, and sometimes even your church can be helpful. Set up automatic bill-paying if she now pays the bills.

A fundamental cycle is present in most remarkably successful personal activities: An individual likes to do the things at which he excels ?and he excels at the things he likes to do ?and he draws more motivation from the fact that he excels. If he ceases to excel, he ceases to like the activity, and he seeks motivation elsewhere this diminishes his efforts in the primary activity and lowers still further the quality of his performance. Both of these cycles are self-amplifying. The first leads to outstanding performance and maximum skills. The second spirals downward to failure. A successful home school must assure that students reside in the first cycle, and remain there.

Sugar alters the metabolism in such a way as to increase the probability of diabetes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and immune deficiencies that can lead to cancer and other fatal illnesses at a later age. Most importantly to a home school, sugar diminishes mental function and increases irritability and mental instability. Most children are able to learn regardless of these effects, but why burden them with this disadvantage?

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The debate in Washington over who’s to blame for the slow pace in filling judicial vacancies (or whether the pace is even slow to begin with) reflects an assumption that is shared by both sides: that the Senate should generally

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