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The indigenous people were 8775 allocated 8776 land by the invaders? My, how generous! Rather like the reservations the Colonisers of the USA 8775 allocated 8776 to the indigenous peoples. Of course in both cases the land 8775 allocated 8776 was the worthless scrub that the occupying forces had no use for until they discovered valuable resources, then the land swiftly became 8775 reallocated 8776 .

17 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Nelson Mandela

Kicked off their land, unable to practice the subsistance farming, communties robbed of their men to the mines, malnurishment as a result of being unable to attend to farms. ridicuoulously low minimum wages, that meant families not feed, again, leading to malnourishment and susceptabilty to numerous illnesses, poor working conditions in mines, lack of workers safety, unsanitory barracks, etc All leading to a lower life expectacy, which means a faster death. All due to the policies of apartheid.

There is no caste-system in Vedas - Agniveer

thnx alex how should i study for maths for dse entrance?

Трактиръ. Гостевая книга Русского города

hi teacher how are you. you now teacher i went write but my english spiling is problimhow can i lern writeing spileang will you
mesi from Botswana Africa

it is accessible yaar.
just download it.
if it doesn 8767 t work,then try following links:

This is what i have heard from a scholar ().
As the article says, caste is not equivalent to neither jaati nor varna. But considering here caste as varna for easy usage.
Indeed there was a caste SYSTEM in Vedas, but not casteISM. . jaati paddati was there but not jaateeyate (jaateeyate is casteism in kannada). Having system for anything is not bad. But ism is bad.

hi guys
i hve just given my 6st year xams in BA(H)eco. frm ultimate aim is DSE or JNU.
can u guys recommend sum of da buks wid wich i shud i start my preparartions rite now?
n how xactly shud i go bout it?
n were can i find DSE ques. paprs?

He went to prison because he was considered a Terrorist (Commander in Chief of MK ) and was therefore responsible for the mass murders of Whites in SA

Africa is now considered home of extraction of resources for the west, leaving back nothing but dust and pain in Africa.
Let African Leaders began to take this issue into serious consideration as we celebrate this world Nelson Mandela Day. Europe, America and the rest, please note that Africa Is Not your Farm.
you take our resources and enriched yourselves leaving Back dust and untold suffering for our people

I read a book about this years ago and immediately changed how my classroom worked to make it more boy friendly. Passed the book along to my son who has 8 sons and he has given it to each of his son's teachers. Our schools really do a disservice to the boys.

उनके विरुद्ध गौवंश अधिनियम की धारा 969 में प्रकरण दर्ज किया गया है। आरोपी विपीन बिलौहा भाजपा के गौ सेवा प्रकोष्ठ का संयोजक बताया जाता है, हालांकि टीआई से इस बारे में पूछे जाने पर उन्होंने कहा कि मैं नहीं जानता, यह कौन है? आरोपियों को मंगलवार को कोर्ट में पेश किया जाएगा
अब गोरक्षा कौन करेगा ?

You have quoted a chapter from Rig Veda, the Purusha Suktam, and quoted the translation made by a christian preacher, which has been proved to be wrong translation.

he was not jailed for his ideas, he was jailed for terrorism and plantings bombs. the Church street bomb, the Pretoria bomb, his work. working together with the communists trying to take over the country and forcing war in Agola. he was jailed for a reason, not because of an idea. please understand correctly, i have loads of respect for him for coming out of jail en being the person he was. not holding a grudge and truely trying to make a was the best possible man for the position as South Africa 8767 s first democratic president. one of the proudest south african moments is still of him in a sprinbok jersey at the 6995 rugby world cup. Mandela deserves all the recognition he gets, but saying he never did wrong or killed innocent people is lying.

Nothing new here Wimmie, I was one of the people that believe that the ANC hijacked the struggle from people that were before, like the Black Consciousness Movement and the PAC. They were good political manaouverist, but slow in the stuggle.

Why 8 generations? Why not 6 generation? Why not right now? WHo decided on three? What is the proof that this statement is given by God? Why should we believe in it? Cross question and you shall get your answers.

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